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Volunteer of the Year Award 2010

Nominee Information: William "Billy" Brent III
5912 Bell Ridge Trail, Pensacola, FL 32526
Ph: (850) 221-2162

Par Four Charities

Reason for the nomination:
Billy Brent has been a volunteer with the First Tee of Northwest Florida for the past five years-since the day we opened the doors at our first programming site, Osceola Golf Course. A
talented and accomplished golfer in his own right, he has long been involved in minority and
junior golf circles as a teacher and mentor with the Par Four Golf Club.

In his personal life, "Coach Billy" is a model for what we would hope our children would grow
up to become. He began his adult life by joining the U.S. Army and serving with honor and
distinction in Vietnam. Through his professional career he has been a manager for Goodyear
Tire & Rubber, a District Manager of the Pensacola New Journal-including five years of
playing professional golf. He is a genuinely funny and intelligent man, and a long-time member
of the Toastmasters of America. He has served in the past as a volunteer mentor for Navy kids at Saufley Field NAS, in Escambia County Schools and on the Board of Directors of ARC
Gateway-The Association of Retarded Citizens Escambia County. He is a Retired IT
Specialist/Computer Programmer for the U.S. Government at Naval Air Station Pensacola and is also a certified Mediator, EEO Counselor and Advisor and a Union Official-but he always
makes time after work and on the weekends for The First Tee of Northwest Florida. He has never taken a dime for his teaching; in fact, he has spent a great deal of his own money in support of our programs and our juniors and continues to do so even to the present day.

Following our chapter's founding in 2004, he immediately stepped forward and volunteered his
support of Adrian Stills to assist with the delivery ofthe First Tee Golf Skills and Life Skills
curriculum, and over the course ofthe last five years he has never missed a class. Recently, after
playing in a weekend golf tournament out of state, he drove through the night and early morning
back to Pensacola to attend a voluntary day-long coach training session-and then spent two
hours that afternoon teaching and mentoring our First Tee students. Such is his passion for the
First Tee 'and for our junior golfers. Coach Billy is a crowd favorite, always teaching with
conviction and enthusiasm, with a great smile and animated personality. He truly has a unique
gift: To always be able to communicate on the level of his students, no matter their age, ability or
walk oflife. His student's ability to retain the concepts that he shares (and I say this as a college
professor with over a decade of teaching experience) is astounding. His teachJng methods are so
well delivered and received, that when he asks students at the end of each lesson to repeat the
lessons, virtually all students are able to do so perfectly. A parent who has had two children in
the program for the last several years recently sent me a text message out of the blue that simply
said: "Coach Billy is The Man." I couldn't agree more, hence his nomination as our Volunteer
of the Year.

Chapter Information: The First Tee of Northwest Florida
Submitted by: Marty Stanovich Executive Director
Phone: (850) 456-7010

1st Tee of Northwest Florida

Billy Brent gives instruction to First Tee Student, Allison
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